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Alone on the mountain - hiking from Tegernsee to Schliersee

We were standing at the top of the third peak, completely surrounded by the cloud. Nothing was visible around us but the fog and just a couple of meters of grass.

The air was moist and cool, but we felt warm after almost 4 hours of hiking. Since that morning we saw only a few people at the beginning of our trip and it was surreal to realize that there was a high chance we were alone on the mountain.

It was also Wednesday.

The cloud is approaching as we hike to the summit of Baumgartenschneid

Hiking from Tegernsee to Schliersee

Our trip started the day before when we boarded a train in Munich and 1 hour later reached a small Bavarian town of Tegernsee. We stayed there overnight to start the day early and take the most of it.

We haven't been hiking since Autumn, so opted for something easy. The journey from lake Tegernsee to a nearby lake Schliersee looked spot on what we were looking for - only around 700 vertical meters of altitude and several peaks on the way.

That was much lower compared to the other mountain in the region we've been to last year.
View on lake Tegernsee from the coast
Lake Tegernsee has mountains on both sides and is equally stunning from either of them. That is the view on the opposite side of the lake - we went the other direction

From where we started the mountain didn't look that high. It was all covered in forest and seemed to have just one visible peak maybe an hour hike away.

Honestly, climbing 551 steps of Vatican's St. Peter Basilica dome seemed harder than that. 

As we started the the path took first us through the forest with occasional views of the city and the lake.

View on Tegernsee from above
Residential area where we saw the only people that morning. The next time we will see someone would be in the next village on the other side of the mountain

Green passage on the way to Pfliegeleck
We passed what seemed to be a private road with neatly organized "green" passage. You can tell it is well maintained by the amount of cut tree branches on the path

Pfliegeleck peak with a view on lake Tegernsee
We were at the top of the first peak within less than an hour. Good start 

Once we reached the first peak (Pfliegeleck) we saw an even more organized forest in front of us. It was evident that cars occasionally passed by to pick up neatly prepared wood along the road.

As we carried on through the organized German forest the route took us down a couple of hundred meters maneuvering between trees.

Route to Riederstein
The route maneuvered through the organized German forest

View from Galaun
As we went in and out of forest there were several places where you could sit down, meditate and think about life for hours

Gradually, the road started to go up again and got even steeper as we approached the second peak.

At the top we found a chapel no bigger in size than a minivan.

The stairs are built for easier climb to the chapel for those who hasn't got the proper hiking boots

The chapel stands on a 150 meter high cliff and gives a 360-degree view that any Ferris wheel would envy.

A local legend has it that a hunter was once attacked by a bear. The man managed to shot the bear, but both of them fell from the cliff. The hunter managed to survive by landing on the body of the bear  and in gratitude he built a chapel at the top of the cliff.

That's quite a drop from there...

The chapel has a narrow path just around it to enjoy the 360-degree of surrounding peaks

After admiring all the beauty we turned back to go further and noticed an even higher mountain in front of us.

It didn't take us long, however, before we reached it - in less than an hour of walking uphill through another forest we were there. From the top we could barely see lake Tegernsee and where we came from, yet we could clearly see the destination we had to reach - Schliersee.

We also managed to catch a glimpse of all the peaks we've covered that day - right before the weather deteriorated and the cloud completely covered us.

And there we were, covered in cloud and alone on the mountain.

Wherever we looked we only saw fog and nothing else. It was very quiet and even the wind that gently followed us that day seemed to die down. After all the haste of daily life that was the moment of absolute silence and peace.

It was gorgeous. 

There was not much to do anymore, so we started to descend. We had to cover around 8 kilometers before we reach the village.

Even though the paths we took were clearly marked and directions given at major intersections, it was good we had a compass with us - we felt like real explorers.

Even though there was almost no chance of being lost.

Garmin compass showing North
Compass showed us the heading we should follow to reach the destination. Even though paths were clearly marked it was interesting to follow along

In total it took us 15 kilometers, 2 smaller/1 big peaks and 5 hours with all stops for filming, photo and snacking to make it done.

It was definitely one of the most interesting hikes I've taken with so many different things to experience on the way. I would advise it to anyone looking for a hiking getaway.

And the fact that it was the middle of the week and we were completelz alone there made the experience even more thrilling.

It was a perfect way to recharge!

Tegernsee to Schliersee on Garmin
Garmin showed exact route we took on the map


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